The Boats

Hastings operate two lifeboats, a D Class Inshore Lifeboat (ILB) and a Mersey Class All Weather Lifeboat (ALB), to cover all aspects of emergency. We exercise both boats regularly – check the home page or at the station for details of the next one – and welcome people coming down to watch us train.


D 699 – Daphne May

D Class ILB
Daphne May is an updated version of the lifeboat station’s existing D class – one of the workhorses of the RNLI fleet – and is known as the Inshore Boat 1 (IB1). She came on service in April 2008. It has improved speed and manoeuvrability, with a top speed of 25 knots, making it ideal for rescues close to shore in fair to moderate conditions. It has a single outboard engine and can be righted manually by the crew following a capsize. The design of the D class has continued to evolve since its introduction. The details given are for the latest version that was introduced in 2003.  Daphne May was funded by a very kind donation from Martin & Ronnie Lovegrove.

Category – Inshore

Introduced – 1963 (latest version in 2003)
Length – 5m
Range – 3 hours at max. speed
Speed – 25 knots
Weight – 436kg
Crew – 2 / 3
Construction – Hypalon coated polyester
Launch Type – Trolley or Davit



Mersey Class 12-002 – Sealink Endevour

Mersey Class ALB
The Mersey class lifeboat was introduced in 1988 and was the RNLI’s first ‘fast’ carriage lifeboat. It was designed to be launched from a carriage but can also lie afloat or be launched from a slipway. Propellers are protected by partial tunnels and substantial bilge keels. The last Mersey was built in 1993. The Mersey Class lifeboat at Hastings went on service in February 1989 and was funded by the Sealink British Ferries Ltd promotion and bequests of Dr W R H Murphy, Mrs D M Kellett & others.A replacement for the Mersey class is currently undergoing trials around the coast, this new generation of lifeboat has been given the class name “Shannon”.For more details Click HERE


Category – All-Weather
Introduced – 1988
Length – 12 m
Range – 140 Nautical miles
Speed – 17 knots
Weight – 13 Tonnes
Crew – 6
Construction – Aluminium or Fibre Reinforced Composite (FRC)
Launch Type – Carriage, Afloat or Slipway