Hastings ILB was requested to launch at 1320hrs today to reports of a dog that had gone over the cliff just east of Ecclesbourne Glen, Fairlight.

The ILB crew and her volunteer crew were quickly on scene to discover the owners of the animal on the beach and the dog visible and motionless on a small ledge 10 metres down from the cliff top. A crew member was put ashore to liaise with the owners before deciding to transfer them to the safety of the Lifeboat Station. Hastings Coastguard Rescue Team along with Rye Bay Coastguard and Bexhill Coastguard was also tasked. The ILB returned to the scene and made contact with the coastguards at the top of the cliff to give an exact location to where the dog was located. The cliff technicians then made an immediate decent down the cliff to retrieve the dog. Once safely secured the technician continued down the cliff to meet the ILB crew who then transferred the technician and the dog back to Hastings Lifeboat Station to be reunited with its owners. Luckily Trigger was unharmed.